Discover the magic land of Svaneti


My favorite Georgian Photographer and good friend Giorgi Nakashidze (@nakashidze) visited Svaneti last week.

I have waited for so long for his photo-shoots to write an article for you so you could discover what skiing in Svaneti truly looks like.

Photo-shoots Giorgi forwarded to me are breathtaking. I have no more comments, enjoy

I have previously written the article regarding the Government’s plans to develop the Georgian ski resorts. You can also spot the recently launched ski lifts of Tetlundi on the photos


READ: Governments To Invest 111 MLN GEL in Georgian Ski Resorts

  • Tetnuldi Ski Area Giorgi Nakashidze

Svaneti is such a lovely place on the earth!

Food, skiing all together creates great synergy

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  • Photo: Giorgi Nakashidze

Voila, share with your friends and follow Giorgi on Instagram (@gnakashidze)

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