Georgian food from mountains


If you are coming to Georgia and try to dig online, articles what to eat or how tasty is Georgian food you’re in right place! We give our suggestions what to EAT! So be ready, in our #foodie tour you will discover Georgian food and drinks coming from Georgian mountains!

Kubdari (Georgian: კუბდარი)

Kubdari is special dish from mountain. sometimes guest are mixing it with Khinkali but, its totally other

Photo: Opodrozach

Roasted trout with spicies (Georgian: შემწვარი კალმახი)

Freshly caught trout from river, roasted with walnuts, coriander,lemon and other seasonal vegetables

Trout with wallnuts

Mushrooms on clay pan (Georgian: სოკო კეცზე)

Mushrooms on hot clay pan is delicious, if there is options take it with cheese.

mushroom on claypot
Roksana Bashyrova

Khinkali (Georgian: ხინკალი)

If you don’t eat Khinkali don’t leave country. Khinkali are made with flour,meat and spices.  They are folded in such a way that they have little dough handles at the top. In Georgia widely known as “hangover cure”


Meat BBQ (Georgian: მწვადი)

Fresh local market meat BBQ is other experience, If the “Mtsvadi” is served on a spit, the Georgian way is to slide it off using Georgian bread

Meat BBQ

Chvishtari (Georgian: ჭვიშტარი)

Chvishtari is a Georgian corn bread from the Svaneti region.  Chvishtari is filled with cheese.


Khachapuri (Georgian: ხაჭაპური)

Khachapuri, Georgian cheese bread or cheese pie, is another staple of the Georgian diet.  There are multiple versions of this tasty treat, as they are region specific.

Katherine Belarmino

Chacha (Georgian: ჭაჭა)

If there’s wine, there’s going to be hard alcohol made with the wine leftovers.  Georgian chacha is a strong spirit made with the grape residue from winemaking.  It is pretty potent stuff.


Borano (Georgian: ბორანო)

Georgian fondue, Borano is a very filling Ajarian dish; it is very rich and laden with calories. Its main ingredients are batter and eggs. There are several recipes for making borano, the most popular of which is prepared with eggs, cheese and corn flour. Regardless of the recipe, all types of borano have one thing in common-their excellent taste.


That’s all, we will keep writing about Georgian gastronomy. Don’t forget to share post with your friend ?

Cover photo: Courtesy of Georgian National Tourism Administration

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