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Bridges are immensely important. Bridges also allow people and communities to connect together, allowing better understanding of different people’s beliefs and cultures. This has helped made us more accepting and there is less prejudice, violence and war in the world because of this. Maybe one day we’ll soar over buildings on hoverboards or teleport through space and time, but until then bridges have their importance. Sean Dean (Bridge designer,University of Oxford)

We’re publishing collection of must see bridges in Georgia built from 1st century BC to nowadays.

Bridge of Peace – Tbilisi

The Bridge of Peace
Photo: Billy Bilikhodze

Architect: Michele De Lucchi Studio

New bridge – Borjomi

Photo: HAkim/flickr

Architect: Goga Khachidze

Okatse Canyon – Gordi

Okatse Canyon
Photo: Zimo
Okatse Canyon
Photo: Levan Ordjonikidze

Bridge – Mestia

Mestia bridge
Photo: Hélène Veilleux

Architect: J. Mayer H. Architects


Anaklia Bridge
Photo: Billy Bilikhodze

Architect: Leonhardt, Andrä und Partner

Train carriage bridge – Ninotsminda


Probably most weirdest and creative bridge you ever seen before

Pompey’s bridge – Mtskheta

Photo: Wikimedia commons

Remnants of very old bridge which, according to legends, was built by Roman legionnaires of Pompey the Great in the 1st century BC.

Red Bridge – Georgia-Azerbaijan border

Photo: Wikimedia commons

The bridge’s current structure is mostly 17th century, but there has been a bridge on the site since the 12th century crossing.

Queen Tamar’s Bridge – Upper Adjara

Queen Tamaras Bridge

In the upper Adjara region of Georgia, one will come across another beautiful bridge built over Kedistskali River and also dedicated to Queen Tamar. The bridge has endured many floods and mudslides, stubbornly remaining in its place and dutifully serving the locals.

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