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Brice Minnigh as “Bad Vlad”
Sam Seward as “The Boy”
Ross Measures as “ Mr. Mesurés”
Joey Schusler as “Dima”

Cinematography: Joey Schusler & Ross Measures
Aerial Cinematography: Joey Schusler
Motion Design & VFX: Paul Harrison (Shotgun Infinity)
Art Direction: Drew Pautler (Good Fortune Collective)
Photography: Ross Measures & Joey Schusler
POV Footage: Sam Seward
Editor: Joey Schusler
Associate Producer: Brice Minnigh (Bike Magazine), Travis Rummel (Felt Soul Media), Ross Measures
Post Production Sound: Keith White (Keith White Audio)
Expedition Logistics: Sam Seward, Tato Nadiradze, Tito Tomasi, GeoLand Maps

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