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There will be one more internal airport added in Georgia: Ambrolauri Airport is already constructed and it can receive L 410 (19 places) type airplanes. The duration of flight will be from 45 to 60 minutes.

The flights to Ambrolauri will be subsidized by state. Subsidize policy will be the same as it is in Mestia.

According to the director of Airports unity in Georgia, Keti Aleksidze, the cost of flight will amount to 50-65 GEL. It is not clear yet how much it will cost for the state to finance the flights.

As for the airport in Omalo, at this stage, the research is being conducted. In about a year, Service Air assignment signed with Mestia airport will not be valid anymore, therefore they will announce new tender which will allow new airports to get an opportunity to be chosen.


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